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Partner and Networking Organizations

DBi (Doing Business in the Netherlands) is a platform aimed at providing integrated, world class expertise in every specialized field that enables companies to avail of the benefits of having a single service provider, all the while ensuring that the very best of specialists in individual domains are compacted and presented to them for faster and seamless coordination during their entire business setup proces

CCI France Pays-Bas (The French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands) is a private foundation with over 200 member companies from different sectors. Its purpose is to promote trade between France and the Netherlands and to strengthen the French and Dutch business relations in the Netherlands.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands' mission is to provide a business network platform for the advancement of Swedish and Dutch business and for their members.

Cleantech Finland is a network of top cleantech companies and experts. Solved is a cleantech advisory service and collaboration platform. Solved tackles the world's environmental challenges in an amazing way, and lets you easily cooperate with the best cleantech experts. Solved brings together the leading experts, environmental challenges and new ways of working in order to cocreate appealing solutions. Solved was launched as a Cleantech Finland's online service in 2012

The Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non profit networking association which is officially registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and has almost one hundred members from approximately seventy five companies.  

Business Finland is the Finnish innovation funding, trade, investment, and travel promotion organization, headquartered in Helsinki. Business Finland is fully owned by the Finnish Government.

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